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The Trap Range is open to all members and the public at 5 PM each Tuesday evening.  Last sign-up is 8 PM and all shooting ends by 9 PM.   Squads are formed on a "first come, first served" basis or as mutually agreed.


  • Actions must be open and unloaded until the shooter is on the line.  Chambers may be loaded when the squad begins firing but muzzles must stay pointed downrange.  Actions may be closed only when the previous shooter has fired and it is YOUR turn.

  • When all shooters have fired 5 shots, the scorer will give the command for all to move to the next position.  The shooter in the #1 position will check the line and announce "Ready on 1".  The first shooter on the squad will then call for his bird.  The "first shooter" always begins the round regardless of his/her position in the firing line.  The "first shooter" is the person who began the round at station 1.

  • Do not pick up empty hulls or move foward of the line until the round (all shooters have fired 25 rounds) is over, all firearms are on "SAFE", and actions are open!


  • No shot larger than 7.5.

  • Barrel length for 12-gauge and 16-gauge guns must be at least 26".

  • Barrell length for 20, 28-gauge and .410 shotguns must be at least 20".

  • Shot for all shotguns must be no more than 1200 fps or 3 dram equivalent.

When the squad is over please pick up your empty hulls before leaving the line.

Misfire or fail-to-fire ammunition must be removed from Stoney Creek Fishing and Hunting Club.  Do not place fail-to-fire ammunition in the buckets on the firing line or in the trash containers on Stoney Creek Fishing and Hunting Club premises.

There is a patterning board available for members use at the trap range. Non-members must be accompanied by club member to use patterning board.  Check that the range area is clear before using.  Only trap loads may be used on the pattering board, slugs and shot greater than 7.5 are not to be used in the Trap area but may be used at the Rifle Range.


Stoney Creek Fishing & Hunting Club, Inc.
9090 Fort Smallwood Road
Pasadena, Maryland 21122