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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I sight in my rifle for hunting?
    Stoney Creek is a private club and the ranges are for members only and their guests.
    However, we offer several dates, open to the public, for Hunter Qualification and sight-in.  The next available dates for Hunter Qualification will be August 4th, 18th, 31st and September 1st, 2024.   See our Hunter Qualification for additional details. 
    The Maryland DNR Recommended Shooting Ranges lists available Maryland shooting ranges, many welcome "walk ins".
    Or see the Maryland DNR Shooter Qualification Program for more information,
    and the Maryland Shooter Qualification Calendar for more information on other clubs that may still be providing Hunter Sight-In.

  • Are Club Trap Ranges open to the public?
    Club trap ranges are open to the general public each Tuesday evening, starting at 05:00pm.
    Select Trap Range for our rules of operation. Other public trap ranges may be found here.

  • I'm interested in joining the club, but I don't know a member for sponsorship.  How can I proceed?  
    If you are interested in joining the club, the best way to meet a potential sponsor is to come to the twice a month general meetings (Second and Last Friday's of the month), which are opened to the public -- the meetings start at 8pm -- most members start getting there at 6:30pm. Lastly, if you check the events calendar on our website events (both calendar format and download PDF), there are other events opened to the public, such as our spring and fall flea market/raffle, etc.   Check our membership link Join SCFH  for more information.

  • What type of ranges does the club have? 
    The club facilities include clay trap ranges (2 ranges @ 16 yards for 5 shooters with 25 yard handicap capability), covered outdoor ranges (7, 25, 50, 75, 100, 150, 200, 300 yards), and an archery range.  Firearms include all calibers and propellant types up to 50 caliber (but stopping at BMG or larger).  The ranges are opened each day from 9am until Sunset. Our indoor air gun range is opened on "air gun practice" days to accommodate winter early dusk and shooters that wish to keep their skills sharpened. 

  • When are Hunter Safety Classes offered and how do I sign up? 
    · For information about SCFHClub Hunter Safety classes, see our link at Hunter Safety.
    · Two (2) Traditional Hunting Courses ("Hunter Safety", "Hunter Education" or "Hunter Education Classroom Course") will be held:
                    (1) [June 17, June 20, & June 22, 2024],
                    (2) [August 4, August 18, and August 31, 2024].

    · Three (3) Internet Field Day Workshops ("Internet Hunter Safety" or "Field Day Workshops") will be held:
                    (1) [August 25, 2024],
                    (2) [September 14, 2024],
                    (3) [October 5, 2024].

    · Hunter Education information can be found at:  Maryland DNR Hunter Education
    · Hunter Safety class schedules and registration information can be found at:  Maryland DNR Class Listings
    · For questions concerning SCFHC Hunter Safety Program, email Hunter-Safety@scfhclub.org or use our web email contact form
    Check our events link and use the calendar or download the events summary to locate classes offered at SCFHClub -- the classes are under the title "Hunter Safety" for the traditional class (and listed with DNR as a Hunting Course under Classroom Courses), and "Internet H. Safety" for Internet Hunter Safety (and listed with DNR as Hunter Education Internet Field Day Workshops under Internet Courses -- must be age 13 or older).

  • Hunter Qualification vs Hunter Education -- we get a lot of questions on this, so here is the difference:
    Hunter Qualification: All hunters wanting to participate in managed hunts or wanting to hunt on land requiring this certification must demonstrate proficiency with the firearm / bow to be used during the hunt(s). So it is a "once per season" event, where you show up with your hunting firearm and prove proficiency and accuracy with that firearm under the observation of a range officer. Hunters who meet certain shooting qualification standards become certified and receive a Maryland State Shooter Qualification Card valid for the current hunting license year, serving as "proof of proficiency". See the Maryland DNR Shooter Qualification Program for more information.
    Hunter Education: Hunter Safety (aka: Hunter Education) covers hunter responsibility, firearms and ammunition, firearm handling and safety, marksmanship and shooting fundamentals, principles of wildlife management, bow hunting, muzzle loader hunting, tree stand safety, safety and first aid, water safety, and Maryland legal requirements. So, it is a structured classroom or online learning event where you, the student, are taught course material and then tested to ensure that you have a working understanding of the concepts. Upon completing the course and passing a knowledge check test, you are issued a Maryland Natural Resources Police, Hunter Education Program card and identification number that is good for life. See Maryland DNR Hunter Education for more information.


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