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2024 Fall Trap League


10:00 AM - 2:00 PM

50 rounds/shoot - 25 at 16 yds, 25 at handicapshoots


Handicap established after 4 shoots; handicaps at 18 yards until established





11 August, Sunday

 18 August, Sunday

 24 August, Saturday

31 August, Saturday

07 September, Saturday

15 September, Sunday

21 September, Saturday

29 September, Sunday

06 October, Sunday

12 October, Saturday

Trap League Banquet

02 November, Saturday 6pm


League Rules

Trap Leagues will be held at various times throughout the year on a weekend from mid-morning to midafternoon or weekday evening from 4pm to sunset. Leagues generally run eight to ten weeks, are open to the public and include a banquet and prizes upon completion of the league. Sign up in the Trap Office (usually up to three weeks prior) or at the beginning of the league. Cost will be determined at the start of each league season. Weekly fees and include the cost of birds but not ammunition.

1.    Shooters paying for at least 8 weeks will receive T-shirt and may attend banquet. Shooters must shoot or pay for 10 weeks to be eligible for prizes or awards. Shoots paid for but not shot will be scored as zero. All ten weeks will count for score.

2.    SCF&HC trap rules apply to all firearms and ammunition:

a.    Barrel length for 12-gauge and 16-gauge guns must be at least 26". Barrel length for 20-gauge, 28-gauge and .410 bore shotguns must be at least 20".

b.    No shot larger than #7.5.

c.   Velocity must be no more than 1200 fps or 3dram equivalent.

3.    All shooters must wear eye and ear protection.

4.    Shooting ahead will be allowed but must be declared at least 1 week in advance. Make up shooting can be done on regular shoots if the proper handicapping can be worked out conveniently. A shooter may make-up by shooting multiple rounds on any Trap League shoot. Make up shooting may be done on Tuesday Open Trap at the discretion and concurrence of the Trap Officer.

5.    Each shoot will consist of one round shot at 16 yards and one round shot at handicap. The handicap round for the first 4 shoots will be at the 19-yard line regardless of any current handicap status.

6.    All shooters must shoot for a handicap; no ATA cards are accepted. Handicaps will be calculated by averaging the first 8 rounds of trap shot. If a shooter has a higher recorded average from their most recent complete trap league season that average will be used to determine the shooters handicap. A book shall be maintained in the trap office with previous seasons final score and averages.

7. A shooter may turn down only one target per round, excluding cripples (defective targets). Any shot at a cripple will be shot over again.

8. Any shooter on the line, except the active shooter, may dispute the scorer's "lost bird" call (even scorers sometime make mistakes).

9. There will be no more than a 2-yard difference between handicap shooters for any squad.

10. In any and all disputes, the decision of the SCF&HC League Chairman is final.

11. All normal SCF&HC trap range rules apply. SCF&HC reserves the right to add, delete, or modify rules as necessary.




Stoney Creek Fishing & Hunting Club, Inc.
9090 Fort Smallwood Road
Pasadena, Maryland 21122